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Apple Picking at Dr. Davies Farm

This is a great time of year to go apple picking!  The sun is shining and the temperature is cool.  However, if you are like me, you are running around to your kids activities every weekend and don’t really have time to fit in a road trip to your favorite farm and spend the day picking apples.  So this year, we hit a very local farm that has a small farm stand and not much else to do but pick apples.  The whole adventure took about an hour which was exactly what we had to spend.

Dr. Davies Farm is located in Congers, New York and is open on weekends, as well as weekdays.  This was an advantage, as most other local farms only allow apple picking on weekends.  Currently, Dr. Davies has 3 varieties to pick from: Red Delicious, Cortlands and McIntosh.  They charge $37 for a 20 pound bag of apples, however you are allowed to split the bag as long as you don’t have more than 6 people in your group.  If you have ever gone apple picking before you would know, that 20 pounds of apples is more than any one family can eat before they go bad.  Therefore, I recommend going with a group.

Dr. Davies rents long picking poles and wagons to help you on your picking journey.  If you have young kids I recommend the wagon, because 20 pounds of apples is a heavy load to carry back out of the orchard.  The picking poles are a necessity because most of the apples are up high in the tree. It is best to plan your apple picking around the availability of the apples you like to eat.  We love to eat red delicious apples and we cook/bake with McIntosh apples so this was a successful day for us!

For more information on Dr. Davis Farm, please visit their website.


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