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April 20th is Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is always a big celebration for us with lots of food. Traditionally, my mom will make a leg lamb and my sister and I will provide the side dishes. After dinner we will do an Easter egg hunt for the kids and finish it off with a dessert that have typically ranged anywhere from bunny shaped cakes to chocolate dirt pies.

However, recently I saw an article about Pizza Rustica, the Italian Easter Pie and wondered why I don’t have any memories of eating this as a child.  I remember specifically, trying a Pizza Grano (Grain Pie), that had dried fruits and grain in it and not liking it.  My husband, specifically remembers carrying the Pizza Rustica into our Easter celebrations (years ago) and said, “that thing weighed a ton!”  So how or why this recipe got lost or went missing from our Easter table I will never know.

As an adult, I can say a pastry crust, with Italian cheeses and meats baked inside, sounds good to me and my meat loving boys!  So I decided to try, making it myself this year.

Please check back later in the week as I share the following posts:

  • Instructions for an Easter Egg Hunt for children of all ages
  • My Pizza Rustica Recipe
  • Homemade Marshmallows


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