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August 2nd is National Mustard Day

National Mustard Day is the first Saturday in August, which makes it August 2nd this year.  I happen to prefer mustard as a condiment, first because it is lighter in calories than other condiments.  And second because it has a wide variety of flavors and it takes so good!  It really does enhance whatever ingredient you put it on!

The National Mustard Museum is located at 7477 Hubbard Ave in Middleton, WI and we were lucky enough to stop there this summer on a 2 week road trip. What I love about this place is that it symbolizes the great American dream. In this country, anyone can take what they love and turn it into a career, if they work hard enough at it. This guy took his mustard collecting hobby and turned it into a business.  A business that has been so successful that he had to expand their original space.

The museum is on the bottom floor and the mustard store is above it.  In my opinion, the quirky museum is not worth driving out of your way for but the store definitely is.  The best part of the store is the tasting bar.  They have all of their mustards available for tasting at the tasting bar.  They have mustards from all 50 states and from 70 countries.  It is a mustard lover’s paradise.

If you can venture out to the Mustard Museum on this National holiday, please do.  Otherwise, use mustard in your sandwich today and experiment at home with some flavored mustards and your favorite food.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Pretzels dipped in a sweet flavored Mustard, like honey mustard
  • Mix equal parts Dijon mustard with Maple syrup and spread on an egg sandwich




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