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The Badlands are located in a National Park in South Dakota. I did a little research and saw a few pictures of it before we got there but nothing could have prepared me for the size and beauty of this park. The Badlands Loop Road or Highway 240 is easily accessible from I-90. The entire loop takes about 1-2 hours to drive and has various scenic spots to pull over and take pictures. The loop can take even longer if you venture out onto some of the trails that have been marked for hiking throughout the park.

We knew it would be a long journey for us, so we packed a lunch and filled the car with gas before we headed out that morning. We probably spent closer to 3-4 hours at the park and the kids were complaining that they did not have enough when I said it was time to go. We did not go on any of the hiking trails but we did have a picnic lunch and explored quite a few of the canyons. This is an unbelievable place that should not be missed. I highly recommend a visit here


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