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Berkey Creamery

My last Go See It for National Ice Cream Month is Berkey Creamery.

Berkey Creamery is located on the Penn State Campus and is the largest university creamery in the nation.  If your next road trip involves driving through the state of Pennsylvania on Route 80, you need to take a pit stop at the Berkey Creamery.  It is about 10-12 miles off the exit and can be an extended detour if you are interested in touring the state university.

The Berkey Creamery serves up to 20 flavors of ice cream on most days. Their ice cream is so fresh that on average, there are only 4 days between the time the cow is milked and the ice cream is served.   They also serves sherbet, frozen yogurt and various cheeses.  Their servings are large, their ice cream is creamy from the 14.1% butterfat content and their flavors are inventive.

Please check out their website for more information.


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