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Custer State Park and Scenic Drives

Custer State Park and Resort encompasses 71,000 acres of land and is located about 20 miles from Mount Rushmore.  The park includes scenic drives, wild life, lodging and fun activities.  There is so much to do in the park itself that you can just stay within its confines and entertain yourself for days.

 Custer State Park has a number of different types of accommodations.  They have camping sites, upscale lodge rooms and cabins.  We chose to stay in a cabin at the Blue Bell Lodge.  The cabin consisted of beds, air conditioning, a full bathroom, a mini kitchen, a table to eat at, a picnic table outside and a fire pit with a stack of wood.  This is just my kind of upscale camping.  We spent 3 days in this park while we toured the local sights and we loved every single moment of our stay.

The Wild Life Loop was fantastic and definitely worth the trip.  We got to see herds of buffalo, deer and prairie dogs.  However, I will mention that just by staying in the park we were able to see buffalo roaming around our cabin campground.  It was a priceless experience.


Iron Man Road (post picture) is a scenic drive that takes you to Mount Rushmore from within the park. It is about 30 miles of driving but it will take you over an hour to get there.  The roads are windy with pigtail bridges and granite tunnels that frame the Mount Rushmore Memorial as you drive through.  The views are unbelievable, however, if you have queasy car riders you may need to rethink this approach.  It is a long and windy road!  After this experience, we passed on the Needles Highway scenic drive so I cannot attest to its value.

Overall, we loved this location for the relaxation it provided and the activity that was available when we felt like seeking it.  I would definitely stay here again and recommend it to everyone!

Warning:  If you have teenage children, the WiFi is unreliable and slow within the park.  But then again, that is not why we came here, right?!?


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