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Deadwood and Rapid City, South Dakota

Deadwood is one of the largest cities in the Mount Rushmore area. It is a town that was established in 1876 and has kept most of its old Western roots.  The main street of town is lined with gaming halls, bars, restaurants and re-enactments of historic events. All the buildings seem to have been frozen in time (refer to post picture above) and you feel like you are walking into an 1800’s time warp.  It is the perfect back drop for the re-enactments of the demise of some of the town’s most famous criminals, like Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.

If you want to treat yourselves to a high end meal, I highly recommend a visit to Kevin Costner’s restaurant, Jakes.  The restaurant is located above the Midnight Star casino (which is nothing special in my opinion).  But the restaurant itself, is spectacular.   The view of the town below is cool, the service is excellent and the food is just what we expected.  High end on every level and worth the splurge!

We spent one night in this town and were very glad we did.  This town has character like I have never seen before.  A portion of the gaming profits are allotted to the upkeep of the town so it is clear why the town is kept in such good shape and period authenticity.  I would recommend a stop here.

Another large city in the Mount Rushmore area is Rapid City.  We did not have time to spend a night here but I read so much about it, that we made Rapid City a pit stop on our way home.  The town has gone through a major revitalization that started in 1999, with “The City of Presidents” project.  Today, the town has a statue of every American President, on every corner of the town. The town also has statues of famous Native Americans on some corners which is a great tribute to the many Native Americans that call South Dakota home.  As you stroll around town admiring all the statues, you can eat, shop and relax outside at a local cafe while enjoying some quality food.  I would recommend a visit here as well, however, if you can only pick one stop, I would make it Deadwood!


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