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Easter Egg Hunt for Children of All Ages

I have a large family with children of varying ages and it has always upset me when the older children beat out the younger ones and have a basket of overflowing eggs while the younger ones come up with one or two eggs (depending on their agility).  Telling the older children to go slow or help the younger ones, sounds like a good plan but the minute their adrenaline starts pumping at the start of the hunt, they are like horses at the Saratoga Race Track.

The other issue becomes, age appropriate treats for children of all ages.   Yes, candy is a universal treat for all, but some candy can pose a choking hazard for younger children.  So I came up with a plan to make sure everyone gets the same amount of eggs and age appropriate treats for all.  Each child gets assigned their own egg color.  So during the hunt, each child gets to search for 1 color, i.e. the oldest child can only collect red eggs.  In doing this, you can also hide these eggs really well, knowing it is an older child who you would like to challenge more.  To keep the colors organized in my head, I always give the children their favorite color to search for so I know my youngest child is always yellow.  But feel free to the write the color of each child down on a piece of paper while stuffing the eggs, if you feel you will need the reminder.

Planning Your Hunt

You can buy the plastic Easter eggs in any dollar, craft or grocery store at this time of year.  The plastic eggs usually come in a 6 pack and have a variety of colors. You can find the plastic eggs in light pastel colors and dark colors if you have more than 6 children in your hunt.  Once you find your eggs, buy as many packs as you need for your hunt.  I suggest 6-8 eggs per child.

Age appropriate, egg stuffers is not an easy task.  I like to keep my eyes open about a month before the holiday because the best stuffers are always discovered when you are not really looking for them.  The stores that work for me are as follows:

  • Local Dollar Store
  • Five Below
  • Target
  • Christmas Tree Shop
  • Michael’s Craft Store
  • A.C. Moore Craft Store
  • Grocery Store

Egg Stuffer Suggestions

For your Youngest Participants (0-2 years):

  • Cheerios
  • Small teething toys
  • Toddler fruit gummies or other packaged toddler snacks (if child is chewing solid food)

I usually do 2 eggs of each item above and give the child a small board book. This evens out the playing field for them.  I usually put these eggs in a small radius depending on the child’s walking/crawling ability.

Older Children – Where choking is no longer a hazard (3-7 years)

  • Tattoos
  • Mini Bubbles
  • Grow in the Water Tablets (found in dollar stores)
  • Girly Accessories (bracelets, jewelry, hair ties, nail polish)
  • Various Candy (jelly beans, chocolate eggs, etc.)
  • Gold Coins (can be traded in for larger treats that do not fit in plastic eggs*)
  • Finger Lights (Michael’s Craft Store)

*Coloring books, crayons, markers, small stuffed animals, or whatever your budget dictates as appropriate.

Older Children – Who think tattoos are lame (8 and over)

  • Money (Quarters or dollar bills, depending on your budget)
  • Gold Coins (can be traded in for larger treats that do not fit in plastic eggs*)
  • Various Candy (never too old for that)

*Whoopie cushions, silly puddy, puzzles, books, or whatever your budget dictates as appropriate.

NOTE:  The ages that I have outlined above are just a guideline of what has worked for me and the children I have worked with.  Please use your own judgment when it comes to your children and deciding what age is appropriate for smaller toys that may cause a choking hazard.


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