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Homemade Chai Tea

While I was researching National Honey Month I discovered a recipe for Homemade Chai Tea.  The recipe looked very similar to a Chai Protein drink that my children love to drink and have been substituting for their milk in the morning.

When my children were little they use to drink milk all the time.  In fact, they would carry around a sippy cup and drink room temperature milk at random times during the day.  Then once we made the transition from sippy cup to regular cup no one wanted to drink milk anymore.  It seems the only time I could sneak a little milk into them is when they are eating dessert or if they need a little moisture with their cereal.  It is so sad, milk is a great source of protein, I wish they would like it more. Although, this treat seems like a good way to sneak it in.

What I love about the Homemade chai tea is that you get to choose what to mix with the base flavor.  Milk, soy or any other kind of protein base and you can pick the percentage of fat that you want to use too.  I have one football player in my house that needs to lose weight to make the team and another who needs to gain some.  So either way this snack, breakfast or dessert is a great way to make everyone happy.

You make the Chai tea base in advance and it will keep in the fridge for up to 1 week.  Then when you are ready to drink it, the instructions say to mix equal parts of the Homemade chai tea base with milk or any kind of milk substitute.  My family and I found these proportions to be a little too strong for our liking.  So we mixed 1/3 cup Homemade Chai Tea base with ½ cup of milk and thought it was a fantastic combination.

Click on the recipe below and follow the link to the National Honey Board Website and give it a try!

 Homemade Chai Tea 


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