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Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is the capitol of Wisconsin and definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.  The city is outlined with lakes and pathways which really encourages the whole outdoor healthy life style.  It is beautiful to see.  We stopped here for a quick meal and walk around town.  The capitol building is beautiful and does conduct tours however we did not have time to catch one.

We did have time for lunch at the Old Fashion.  It is a large upscale bar/restaurant that has been on the Food Network.  We ordered the Wisconsin Cheddar Beer Soup topped with popcorn because we heard it was great.  We were not disappointed.  The soup had just the right amount of cheesy, buttery taste with an accent of popcorn at the end.  It was nothing like I have ever tasted before.  There really is something about Wisconsin cheese that is totally different from anywhere else.

We also ordered their famous fried cheese curds.  While I will say they were good and worth ordering, you cannot eat too many of these.  The buttery richness of the larger cheese curds was more than I could handle.

Overall, it is a great city and I recommend a visit!


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