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Minecraft Snacks

Everyone knows the snacks are the best part of the party so we loaded up on those.  Everything below, is an item that the kids use or encounter in the game.


Torches – Pretzel rods dipped in orange and red candy melts.


Mushrooms – Marshmallows dipped in red candy melts with white chocolate dots.


TNT – Twizzlers cut into thirds with a black licorice wick inserted in the middle.  I secured the bundles with a wire twist and then wrapped a paper TNT sign around it with double sided tape.


Coal – Rice krispy treats with black food dye.  They were very sticky so I decided to bag them.



Gold and Iron – Piled up Rolos and Hershey Nuggets

Creeper Juice

Creeper Juice – Any green flavored Hawaiian Punch.

Minecraft cupcakes insert

Minecraft cupcakes – My 13 year old niece, Brianna,  made these cupcakes for her sister and her cousin’s birthday party.  She saw a picture of these cupcakes on line and did her best to copy them.  I think she did an amazing job.  Thanks Bri!


The background of all my signs were made from a free printable courtesy of  I printed the white labels using a block letter font.



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