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Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Bepuzzled produces a line of mystery jigsaw puzzles that are available for purchase at the Are You Game website. There are different themes for the mystery but the overall concept of the game is the same.  You read a short story and try to figure out “who did it” by putting together a puzzle.  There is no guide for the puzzle, you must figure out where each piece goes  all on your own.  Once the puzzle is constructed you will have your answer to “who did it”.

This is a fun and entertaining gift or treat for the puzzle lovers in your life.  So whether you buy one of these puzzles to do with your family during National game and puzzle week or if you buy it as a gift for the upcoming holidays, I recommend the 2 below.

  • A Recipe for Murder
  • Grounds for Murder

Warning: This is for experienced puzzle lovers!


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