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The Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford museum was so much better than I had ever imagined.  It was like a mini Disney World for history and car buffs.  Of which, Henry Ford was both.  Over his lifetime he acquired many significant historical artifacts and has made them available to the public since the 1930’s.

The Henry Ford organization is split up into the following five venues:

  • Henry Ford Museum
  • Greenfield Village
  • Ford Rouge Factory Tour
  • IMAX theatre
  • Benson Ford Research Center

You can easily spend a few days at these venues but we only had one day so we picked the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village to visit.  We loved them both!

The Henry Ford Museum is full of interesting exhibits, from the Allegheny Locomotive built in 1914 with its wheels as tall as an adult to the bus that Rosa parks refused to give up her seat on in 1955, to the limousine that JFK was shot and killed in back in 1963.  There are also hands on exhibits as well, to keep the kids entertained while you read through the captions at each exhibit.  We loved this museum.  It was different from any kind of museum we have ever been in and we truly wish we had more time and energy to explore this place.

The Greenfield Village is an outdoor site that is set up like a town.  There are cobblestone streets, street signs, a Main Street, a playground, interactive exhibits, shops, and various buildings to see and walk through.  There are various modes of transportation that you can take to get around the village: train, shuttle (horse and buggy) and a bus.  The easiest and cheapest thing to do is to get a transportation pass in the beginning of the day and then you can hop on and off any mode of transportation throughout the village.

The highlight for my family was the Model T’s.  The Model T cars were produced from 1914-1927 and they have them available at the village to ride in.  It was a great experience to see these cars that were a huge part of American lives so long ago.

I highly recommend a visit to the Henry Ford!  For more information on all these properties, please visit their website.


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