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Dinner and a Movie

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Rated G

I know I am going way back with this one, but I consider it to be a classic from my childhood.  I didn’t even go see the remake with Johnny Dep because I did not want to ruin my original memory of this movie.  A young boy, named Charlie, wins a ticket for a private tour of the famous Chocolate Factory along with 3 other children.  The factory is an amusement park of candy and games (mostly played by Willy Wonka), with a heart warming lesson at the end.

Dinner Menu

Golden Egg Quiche  (Any quiche will do here, our favorite is Quiche Lorraine)

Oompa Loompa Salad (Any green lettuce or spinach that your kids will eat topped with round carrot slices)

Fizzy Lifting Drink

If the fizzy lifting drink is not enough of a treat you can also serve mini assorted Hershey chocolate bars or quick homemade fudge from the Fudge Room!

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